The department ” Incentive ” of Regent International, is without a doubt the one with the longest experience and greater successes. We work in this fascinating field for many years and countless campaigns have been created and implemented with success and satisfaction of our customers.

The care and passion that our staff put in search of places and structures to suggest , go hand in hand with the attention and professionalism applied to the execution and implementation of the program chosen .

We know that the ultimate objective of the efforts and investment cost of a company is to get a “return” from their “customers” , whether they are personal or internal sales force . The goal is reached with the fulfillment of desires and expectations with the complete satisfaction of the Customer.

This is therefore the result that Regent International aims to achieve in any event required , we are aware of the commitment and we are ready to cooperate to the maximum from the design to the realization of the line graphics to use, for us nothing is superfluous and even the smallest detail becomes important.

We carefully select our ” leaders ” who have traveled and visited with us every corner of the world. With kindness, courtesy and professionalism assist our customers every single request and desire preventing and resolving , when necessary, any operational problem without anyone noticing.
Our services:

  • Examination of customer needs

  • Identify locations / facilities

  • Proposal

  • Consulting practices (visas)